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Stepping into leadership is like a new pair of shoes

Someone asked me the other day how I was feeling steeping into this leadership position.

Before I give you the answer I gave her, you need to understand that my career has been one helleva roller coaster and in one instance I was severely and unfairly admonished for my managerial skills. It taught me a lot about office politics, about believing in my own capabilities, my ethics and value system.

Above all it taught me that is pays off to stand up for what you believe in.

That experience is really what catapulted me to #LeanIn and take action and responsibility for my own career.

But….it’s all fine and well until you are purposefully put in that position again…and so my answer to her was:

"stepping into this leadership role for me is like buying a new pair of shoes"

You spotted them, you fell in love with them. You debated whether you should buy them because they cost a lot. You know you have the perfect matching outfit. BUT...then you take them home and you wear them for the first time.

They are tight and uncomfortable. You know it’s going to take time before they mould to your feet. You struggle a little, you bear the pain, you cover the blisters and in a matter of time they become your new favourite pair.

You wear them with everything, you are proud of the purchase you made.

So…here is to leaning into my new role, taking the bull by the horns, respecting and making this my new favourite pair of shoes!

...and then you go shopping again.

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