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Focusing on the Human Experience through connection, story telling and technology. 


Tricks of the Trade

Among several others, but here are my current top 3 



Empathy, boundary setting, motivation, trust, listening and effective communication skills are some of the things that underpin successful relationship building and leadership. Being able to successfully understand the needs of the other and holding the appropriate space for them can mean the difference between success and engagement or distrust in the brand,  the product, the deal or the process. 

My proven track record in relationship building includes: helping successfully close a six figure deal, launching an employee experience project that sees consistent eNPS scores above 30, and leading a team and product to successfully launch through one of the toughest years globally (2020)

Product management


I have to make sure that the product is working effectively and profitably, doing what it should for the client, for the business and most of all our members while meeting all the regulatory and legislative requirements.

My team is the center of technical excellence, which includes the technical understanding of the product, as well as the think tank and innovation hub, incorporating market research, data and analytics, best of breed solutions and regulatory requirements of the product, which leads to informed decision-making across the organisation.



Hired as a change agent tasked with driving results and reinvigorating system performance and inspiring a sense of shared purpose. My function included setting up the system support structures on my for the Alexander Forbes Life Retail Business which consisted of over 25 administrators and around 20 different high-level processes. This included writing manuals, training, system performance metrics, resolving technical issues and defining processes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and success. I can lead an initiative and see it through to the end with results.

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