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Career high


"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart."


I have spanned a multitude of roles over my working life. Each of them honing a different skills set and bringing a diversity to my knowledge and skill base. 

From the bizarre, being a shoe model, to the cool, as a games tester and the more mundane as a claims administrator. From Alexander Forbes and EA Games to the NPA and a whole bunch in between. 

I have worked across industries too, from Technology, Retail, Corporate, Government and small businesses. From Finance to Estate Agents and now in Learning Technology. 

Some of my favorite and notable career highlights include:

  • As a trainer, I developed several innovative ways to present training to new employees including the “Game of Bills” which was the most fun employees had on what was very technical software training

  • I participated in a Disruptor Innovation workshops and competition. My team came third and I was shortlisted as the top 4 out of 54 candidates for the position and was the only woman to make it to the top.

  • Not only did I make it onto the Alexander Forbes Junior Board, I was also made Chairperson in the same year.

  • One of the quirkiest things I am proud to say I did was source the quote unquote "most thoughtful speakers gift" for Luke McKend then CEO of Google SA. (Check it out)

  • I co-created and co-hosted a speaking event called "Tech Talks" bringing some incredible high profile individuals to speak on topics such as blockchain

  • I completed my Degree while working full time achieving 16 distinctions overall and graduated Cum Laude in Anthropology 

  • I presented an idea to the innovation crucible on Self-Service administration and walked away with the approval  from Exco to build a proof of concept

  • Because of my love for organisational culture and my passion to give voice to the engine room staff , I was part of the program team that rolled out and implemented the culture transformation journey at Alexander Forbes. 

  • I love learning. if I could be a full time, life time student, that would be heaven for me. Between, that and the other initiates I have been a part of at Alexander Forbes, I was asked to help roll out Degreed to Alexander Forbes and as a result of its success, I was asked to join the Empower team as Head of Customer Success. 

  • I have written several thought leadership pieces (from Alternative currencies in the financial services industry to culture of innovation). And have been appeared at LeaderEx as a speaker and in Destiny magazine

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