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Passionate about the Human Experience. building connection through storytelling and technology

Catarina Jessica Matthysen

Personal Statement

Who am I


I have been nickamed a #mamageek. Which essentially means I am a mom who gets seriously geeky about learning. I have been a nerd all my life. I love reading, writing, speaking about a plethora of topics.


Through my personal experiences I have developed a deep passion for engine room staff and advocate for them wherever I go. I also encourage them share themselves and find their voices through various initiatives from culture, innovation to education. 


I have been labelled a perfectionist, but I like to view it more as having high but achievable standards, and while people may on the surface view me as serious, I assure you, I also do have a sense of humour. 

I love connecting with people, sharing, interests and ideas. From arranging informal team buildings to thought leadership speaking events. I am a natural change agent.


I have a deep seated need to understand the underlying mechanisms driving human behavior and their interactions. That is where my love for anthropology and psychology was born. Education, Psychology, Innovation, Anthropology and Technology became some of the tools and outlets to make the changes I want to see. 


At the end of each day, I want to know that I have taken a step, to enable a better, more exciting wonder-filled future, where people feel seen, heard and connected to one another. 

Feel free to explore. This site is meant to function as an interactive online resume, allowing you to get to know me and my motivations a bit better.

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